Sunday, 30 March 2014


Hello all
I set this site up for Richard Nobby Clarke some time
ago, we being good friends in our dealings with 11 Indep Fd Sqn reunion matters. Nobby did a bit of work on it he was not
not yet in full swing with it.

Unfortunately Nobby Passed on the 
24 March 2014
he will be missed by many old pals.
We can only say that his boy's service stood him in
good stead over his career.
Hank Lawrence friend 

Pleased to say that 
Ron Watson  
Has agreed to take over the site and I am sure
Nobby would have approved of its continuation


  1. hello.Im ex re boy 22568323 ray porter.I joined jujy 1951 to march 1953.Their was only 30 boys untel febuary 52 when we were joined by 46 boys from chatham in kent.I have a photograph of the whole squadron including names taken at amalgamation of the unit.I left the army in march 62.I served at suez,cyprus,xmas island and Germany.

  2. ex re boy 22974603 malta brks rsme chatham on a3 and a2 later 39fd squadron part of 25 cer regt; roberts brks boar back rsme chatham as instructor plant fitter then ended up in in charge of servicing bay for all plant reguards steve hardwick;